The Relationship Recovery Toolkit Course

Relationship recovery toolkit  




The Relationship Recovery Toolkit Course
Grow Your Professional Confidence; Learn New Methods of Support; Gain more clients. 



Navigating relationships is never easy; even for a qualified  therapist.

I’m Natasha, Founder of My Little Therapy Box, experienced counsellor, and young divorcee. I know first-hand how difficult divorce and separation can be, and I want to help you to support your clients through the emotional process.



In my relationship recovery toolkit course, you’ll learn how to guide your clients through separation and divorce – allowing you to grow in professional confidence, and support your clients to thrive.

For Just £97 you will gain access to the online course that you can study at a time convenient to you. Gain 4 hours CPD with a certificate provided on completion of the course. Aside from this you will also get access to 15 downloadable PDF resources to use in sessions with clients. The resources are all centred on themes that are taught in the course and are  designed to help clients explore their emotions and gain tools to help them through the turbulence of separation/divorce. 


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This course is for therapists and other mental health professionals who are looking to develop their skills, and complete their CPD (Continued Professional Development) in a fun and friendly way. This online training is ideal for those who want to complete their CPD at a time that is convenient to them. Once you have purchased the course you will have access for life. Delegates will also receive 15 downloadable resources to use in sessions with their clients, so the course is not just CPD it also gives you some practical tools and resources to take away and use with your clients. 



Through my relationship recovery toolkit course you’ll:


  • Feel more confident working with separation and divorce
  • Understand why some clients are stuck in unhealthy patterns in relationships 
  • Gain creative therapeutic tools to use in therapy (including PDF exercises and worksheets) 
  • Explore key theories that underpin the work we do with clients
  • Receive a framework to help support your clients through separation and divorce 
  • Complete 4 hours of CPD, with a certificate provided at the end 


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What You Can Expect: Modules and Lessons

Relationship recovery framework

Module One: Psychoeducation and your clients

In the first of our modules, you’ll learn all about adult attachment, grief and trauma in the form of three video lessons. The lessons will help you to understand how separation is often experienced as a trauma, along with how to address events in the relationship.


  • Lesson one: Adult attachment 
  • Lesson two: Grief 
  • Lesson three: Trauma 


Module Two: Relationship reflections with your clients

In module two, we’ll cover how to help your clients understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, whilst also identifying what they want from a relationship. In two video sessions facilitated by me, you’ll learn how to support your clients in connecting with the core of their relationship wants and needs.


  • Lesson one: Healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  • Lesson two: What do I want in a relationship? 


Module Three: Helping your clients to find themselves

How we feel about ourselves has a significant impact on our relationships with others. In the third and final module of our course, you’ll learn how to address self-worth and self-esteem with your clients, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to help them heal and repair, move forward with their lives, and handle relapses and triggers.


  • Lesson one: Self-worth and self-esteem 
  • Lesson two: Heal and repair; looking after self 
  • Lesson three: Moving Forward; relapse, triggers, schemas 


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What People Are Saying


I would thoroughly recommend Natasha! She is extremely committed to her work and always has the individual’s needs and concerns at the forefront of her work. She is simply one of the most down to earth, skilled and friendly people I have had the pleasure to work with.” – Stuart Turner, Care Leader, Nottingham City Council 

"Natasha is so passionate about her work with clients, everything she creates has the client in mind and she is always seeking new and engaging ways of supporting others." Ruth. B NHS 


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I’m so excited to share this course with you, and to use my personal and professional experience to make sure that all of my clients – and all of yours – get the absolute best support when they’re experiencing separation or divorce.

I can’t wait to connect with you and get started!