Five ways to sparkle during the month of November

I thought it may be quite fitting seen as its bonfire night to write an article that is centred around how to sparkle during the month of November. When I say sparkle, I guess what I mean is how you can feel the best that you can during the very strange time that where in. As England enters a second 4-week lockdown (4 weeks we hope). I have been reflecting on the things I can do to keep myself feeling at my best during this time, so I thought I would share them with you.
Now I am not claiming that these tips below are new or ground-breaking, but I do think that were all guilty at times of neglecting our needs and not putting the time in to take care of ourselves. Therefore, I thought it may be good to consolidate some of the things that I feel really benefit my mental health and wellbeing inside and out so you can indeed sparkle in November.
1. Make time to take time out- Find a thing that you enjoy that helps to take your focus somewhere else. This may be reading a book or watching a film, or for some it may be a hobby such as crochet or craft. A new thing I have got into this year is listening to podcasts and audio books, I love listening to something that can educate me and help me learn a new skill or gain insight into something new.
2. Pamper time- Try and make sure you put in a little bit of pamper time. I love to have a nice hot bath at the end of the day to help me unwind, the water helps me to relax. Ramp this up a notch and add some candles and spa music and your instantly taken to a place of relaxation. I have also recently engaged in a home spa facilitated by Emma Draycott, the products get sent to your door and then you have the spa class on line they can be delivered on a one to one basis or as part of a group. All hosted online so you can be in the comfort of your own home link
3. Get outdoors-It is no secret that getting outdoors benefits our mental health. However, in the colder months this may not seem as appealing. However fresh air and nature can still benefit you even at this time of year. So, get your big coat on and some gloves and walk to your nearest spot in nature. The other weekend I did a long ten-mile walk, and I felt such a sense of achievement afterwards and loved every minute of being outdoors.
4. Get rid of the mobile phone- I am as guilty as anyone else. I can find myself drawn to looking online at my phone several times a day. In March, this year I decided to deactivate my new apps as I was prone to looking at the news updates too often and I think it was having a negative impact on my mental health. Another thing I am trying to do more often is to leave my phone upstairs, especially at the weekends when I have more time with my family. My phone can be such a distraction so to place it upstairs out of the way is helpful for me and my mental health.
5.Connect to others- Okay so connecting with others is not as easy as it once was before the pandemic. However, its so important for our mental health to feel connected to others. I live with my husband and children so I always have someone around me to connect with on most days but if you live alone this may be harder to do. In lockdown single people can form a bubble with another household so that may be one way around that. It is also important to try and maintain connections with friends. I have planned an evening at the weekend where me and some friends will have a curry cook off. We are going to share each other’s food dishes we cook and then eat together online.
Whatever you choose to do during our second lockdown, I hope you keep your sparkle and I wish you all the best Natasha founder of My Little Therapy Box x